About Us

Our philosophy is one of seeking excellence in all that we do. We will always try to treat you, as we would do a guest in our own home and aim to provide our very best dentistry for all of our patients.
We see our primary role as being advisers to you to help you prevent dental problems whenever possible. Should you need treatment at any time then be assured that we have the training and experience necessary to help you find the best treatment option.
Our dentists hold qualifications in addition to their basic dental degree. They, like all of the team attend many hours of continuing education every year to make sure that their knowledge is fully up to date. This means that you will be offered the most appropriate solutions to any dental problems that you may have.


Our Team:

Dr. Benny Nabizadeh – D.M.D

DentistDr. Benny is primarily acknowledged for his compassion towards children when they are in the dental chair. His expertise includes many surgical procedures including Dental Implants, and Wisdom teeth extraction. His theory of “No extraction is ever painful if it’s done right” is one that makes patients feel at ease even during surgical procedures. He received his Bachelor Degree at UCLA and his DMD degree from the prestigious UNLV School of Dental Medicine. There, he worked very closely with many world renowned specialists in surgical fields. His primary concern for his patients is to ensure pain free treatment while receiving high quality dental treatment.

Dr. Benny Nabizadeh is an excellent and professional dentist dedicated in helping his patients achieve the healthy smile they were meant to have. He received his undergrad from UCLA (biology) as well as his graduate degree from University of Las Vegas Nevada School of Dental Medicine (UNLV). In addition, he was  awarded the rarely given Thomas Nowlin Award as a result of the perspective and ethics he maintains in healthcare and standard of care. In fact, Dr. Nabizadeh is known by his colleagues and professors for treating each one of his patients as one of his own family members. His commitment to patients indeed motivates him to strive for an exemplary level of attention, thoroughness, quality, and finesse in his dental treatments.  A year after graduating from UNLV, he started his successful practice in Southern California in Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry. Creating better smiles is Dr. Nabizadeh’s passion.

His artistic talent crystallized during his practice in Beverly-Hills-type dental offices with exposure to patients of refined taste, quality and expectations, making him the perfect candidate which Winnetka lacked. As such, Dr. Nabizadeh, introduced Beverly Hills dentistry to Winnetka Dental – Cosmetic & Implant Center, making it more affordable.Socially, Dr. Nabizadeh is a loving husband, and father to two wonderful children with a third one on the way. He spends his free time playing horsy and basketball with his 4 year old son and two year old daughter. He is a truly a well rounded individual and stands out as an individual in that he is a genuine caring husband, father and healthcare professional who truly cares about the well being of each and every patient of his.


We firmly believe that financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining the treatment you desire.We are sensitive to the fact that different patients have different needs so we provide the following options to our patients.

You can pay by:

  • Cash
  • Credit or debit card
  • Cheque
  • Monthly loan repayments – please contact us for more information.

Our practice policy is to give you an estimate at the beginning of our treatment. We discuss your financial obligations and responsibilities in a private and confidential manner.

NHS Care

Children and adults who are exempt from NHS charges may be able to register for NHS care at the practice.
There are some treatments which are not available under the NHS and you may choose to have these treatments privately.


To make an appointment email us to: info@winnetkadental.com or call us on (818) 676-0970