Stained Teeth, Tetracycline Teeth

Stained Teeth, Tetracycline Teeth image

Some teeth have heavy internal stains that are either hereditary or caused by certain medications that were given during tooth development. The most common stains of this kind are the ones caused by Tetracycline.

Stained Teeth, Tetracycline Teeth image 01Tetracycline stained teeth may have been unsettling for you for quite some time.
You may feel too self- conscious to smile often.
You may feel too bothered by your teeth to pursue the job or partner of your dreams.
You may have gone for many years seeking out treatments that have failed to reveal a glistening white smile.

It’s true, tetracycline stained teeth may be difficult to treat. The reason for tetracycline stained teeth is because your mother took tetracycline during pregnancy. The type of staining is known as intrinsic staining which is what makes it so difficult to treat. Yet, the most powerful solutions can be found in your dentist’s office. So, we want you to know about the options that assist in treating tetracycline stained teeth.


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