Misaligned and Crowded Teeth

Misaligned and Crowded Teeth image

Misaligned teeth are usually corrected by orthodontic treatment, which takes two or more years and involves the bonding of braces to teeth and the placement of wires and rubber bands that connect individual orthodontic components together. Light forces are used to slowly move the teeth into the desired position. Orthodontic appliances are very visible during that time. After completion of treatment, the patient often has to wear a retainer for the rest of their life to maintain the correct position of the teeth.

In certain cases Aesthetic Dentistry may be a valid choice to correct misaligned teeth invisibly and quickly (it usually only takes two to three weeks). If your teeth are misaligned only slightly, extensive orthodontic treatment may not be necessary and minor cosmetic correction by placing ceramic veneers or crowns may handle your situation perfectly.

Winnetka Dental Practice are pleased to offer our patients Cerec restoration services – a superior method of creating precisely- designed, colour matched and highly durable ceramic restorations right in our practice. Cerec will deliver the results you need in a single appointment. Cerec restorations give teeth greater strength and stability and are inconspicuous.


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