Cracked & Damaged Teeth

Tooth fractures are obvious because of missing tooth fragments. The involved teeth are often sensitive to temperature or painful depending on the extent of destruction and nerve exposure.

Choice of treatment of teeth with dislodged fragments depends on the location of the fracture as well as the condition of the dislodged fragments. If the fracture is clean and the fragments complete, they can be repositioned and bonded directly to the damaged tooth. Materials and techniques are the same as for the bonding of veneers and crowns. If the dislodged fragment is lost, all-ceramic veneers, onlays, or crowns are used to restore the damaged tooth.

If a cracked tooth is diagnosed, immediate treatment helps avoid further damage. The treatment is simple: bonded partial or full-coverage crowns.

Chipped Teeth:

Chipped teeth are commonly caused by grinders who slide their front teeth in edge-to-edge position in different directions.
After many years of attrition, the thinned edges of the teeth start to chip. Chipped teeth can also result in the breakdown of aged fillings and trauma.


Teeth erosions are caused by acids from fruit or the stomach, which dissolve due to regular contact the enamel the teeth.


Aged Defective Fillings:

Some patients have large, aged, broken down defective fillings that do not protect the teeth against decay anymore. They are usually undermined by a significant amount of decay. These patients are prime candidates for porcelain veneers or all ceramic crown restorations.

Broken Teeth

‘Teeth are remarkably strong but they can chip, fracture or break. Teeth usually break as a result of trauma i.e from biting down on something hard or a child may fracture a tooth falling of a bike. Cavities that have weakened the tooth also can cause chipping or fractures of the tooth. There are many possible treatments for broken teeth, depending on the severity of the break. The damaged tooth can be restored with a Composite tooth coloured filling or All Ceramic Crowns or Porcelain Veneers.’


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